The Buffalo Bill Legacy Gallery (BBLG) was Founded in 2013.  As Promised, we Successfully Launched Our Online Experience in 2017.  We are a Special Committee Operating Under the Guidelines & Supervision of the (ICFA) International Cody Family Association, a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, Founded in 1925.  To Learn More About the ICFA, Please Visit:

All of Our Artifacts are Physically Owned by the Cody Family and all Photos Represent the Actual Items Within their Collection. 

We Offer Free Online Access to our Entire Gallery Collection to the Public and We Plan on Opening a Brick & Mortar Experience in the Future.

The Buffalo Bill Legacy Gallery (BBLG) is unlike any other Historical Museum you've ever encountered.  This Unique & Interactive Online Experience is truly the first of its kind and is Pioneering a new way to Capture the Legacy of William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody and Spirit of the Wild West.  We offer Everyone a Free Museum Pass to Tour our Expansive, Ever-Growing, Photo Gallery Collection of Historical Artifacts, Videos, Events, Attractions & Landmarks to Visit, Related Websites, News, Research and Store.  Our Virtual Gallery allows Visitors a Chance to Explore the History and Culture of Buffalo Bill in a different light.  It's often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so with over 1,650 Artifact Photos, we offer quite the literary canvas of poetic and philosophical consciousness, imagination and even enlightenment.  We present a large variety of Buffalo Bill Related Artifacts ranging from the year of his birth in 1846 to the Present.  Not only does the massive quantity of such artifacts display how much this man was loved and admired, but just how much he enriched our souls and influenced our culture even long after his death.  Each and every Artifact gives you a unique glimpse into his life & character; who he was, what he stood for, and what he was trying to accomplish.  If you look ever so carefully, you just might find a whole lot more.  Not only do these Artifacts teach us about Buffalo Bill, but they also teach us about ourselves, our history and our evolving culture by the different ways we have portrayed him with such high esteem and honor over the last 150 years.  I invite all of you to take advantage of this website and all that it has to offer.  Let us not forget our past, but remember who we are and where we came from.  We Must not only Embrace, Understand and Learn from our History and Heritage, but we Must also Teach and Pass this Knowledge onto Future Generations.  Please share this Online Experience with everyone so that our past will not be forgotten, but forever remembered, honored and even celebrated! 

Meet the (ICFA) International Cody Family Association Executive Board Members & Directors:

Allan Cody:  ICFA President, Genealogist, Cody Review Newsletter Author & Editor and Webmaster

William Kevin Cody (Great, Great Grandson of Buffalo Bill - Direct Descendant - Generation X ):  ICFA Vice President and Founder & Director of the ICFA Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter Page Social Media Platforms (Founded in 2013).  BBLG Committee Founder, Chairman, Webmaster & Director of Artifact Acquisitions.  Also, Founder & Administrator of the Official Buffalo Bill Cody Facebook Page (Founded in 2010).

Dwight Cody:  ICFA Treasurer

Bret & Christina Hubbs:  ICFA Executive Directors and BBLG Committee Directors

We are Currently Looking to Fill the Following Positions:  Director of Authentication & Appraisals as well as Additional Committee Directors to help with other Tasks.  To Become a Non-Profit, Member on Our Board Committee Please Contact us to Apply Now.

William Kevin Cody (Generation X - Direct Descendant - Great, Great Grandson of Buffalo Bill)