Make a Tax-Deductible, Charitable Donation Now!


Make a Tax-Deductible, Charitable Donation Now!

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Now Accepting All Monetary & Artifact Donations. 

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Leaderboard of Charitable BBLG Donators (Keep in mind that you can always work your way up the leaderboard by contributing more in the future to help us expand our vision of honoring the legacy of Buffalo Bill):


$5 Plainsman:  Wayne Markle (Middletown, New York), Kary Hirschey (Warsaw, Indiana), Amy Nelson (Canmore, Alberta), Rita Nelson (Wetaskiwin, Alberta), Terence Cody (Cincinnati, OH) and Janet Owens (San Diego, CA)

$10 Hunter:  Larry & Judy Schoch (Wausau, Wisconsin), Gerald Smith (Seattle, Washington) and Helen Rohn (Kirkland, Washington)

$15 Trapper: Traci Brooks (Post Falls, Idaho)

$20 Horseman



$25 Rider: Dwight & Ina Cody $40 (Cotuit, Massachusetts), Allan Cody $10 cash/$15 artifact (Brighton, Massachusetts), Stan & Joan Wolcott (Cody, Wyoming) and Roland & Nancy Spoon (Muskegon, MI)

$50 Homesteader:  Ron Hills & Suzanna Cody (Saratoga, California) and William Hagel & Jan Jahanban (Lawrence, Kansas)

$75 Rancher: Peter ‘Keith Cody’ & Kathy Plautz (St. Petersburg, Florida)

$100 Cowboy/girl:  Linda Cody (Cody, Wyoming), Bryan & Kellie Edwards (Cody, Wyoming), Larry & Alicia Benson (Aurora, OR) and Chet & Dorothy Nagle (Alexandria, VA)



$250 Soldier

$500 Scout

$750 Marksman

$1,000 Exibitioner



$2,500 Veteran

$5,000 Colonel

$7,500 Founder

$10,000 Knights Templar



$25,000 Showman

$50,000 Frontiersman

$75,000 Pioneer

$100,000 Legend